Michał Zygmunt – “Musics”, Live at Saraswati

We have visited Michał Zygmunt – a Polish acoustic guitarist – while he was working with Roli Mosimann at Saraswati Studio in Wolimierz, Poland on the production of Michał’s most recent “Musics” project. This live performance music video has been captured with a bare minimum of equipment and put together with a deliberately rough style of cinematography & edit captures the essence and atmosphere of the production in progress.

“Musics” (“Muzyki”) is the most recent project by a Polish acoustic guitarist, Michał Zygmunt, drawing inspirations from a Polish roots music and old photographs of people collected by the artist from multiple sources.

The contemporary acoustic guitar music is supported by the photographs screening during the performances. The multimedia dimension of the project is also supported by a documentary about the project as well as music videos.

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