The Food Story Part 1 | Apricot Marmalade

This is a short visual story about having fun in a kitchen. The side effect this time was a delicious apricot marmalade. Autumn won’t be too cold for you if you keep at least one small jar of this sweet product.


I’ve used only:
1 kilogram of apricots
0,5 kilogram of sugar

I have washed the fruits, removed the peel (to do it I had to blanch them by putting them into boiling water for a moment), cut them in half, removed the stones and sliced them into thin pieces. I have put sliced apricots into the pot and added the sugar. After heating the pot a little bit, sugar dissolved in apricot juice making a sweet syrup. I’ve cooked apricots in the syrup for about 10 minuts. Then, I have let it cool and cooked again for several minuts. I always repeat the last step several times to achieve the desired consistence of marmalade. Last thing to do is putting the hot marmalade into sterilised jars and letting them cool upside down.

I always leave a little bit just for spreading on bread and trying right there.

Well, it looks like I’m in a mood for apricots. How about you?

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