The Food Story Part 2 | Black Chokeberry Jam

The short visual story about having fun in a kitchen continued. This time the side effect was a black chokeberry jam. Just right for delicious breakfast – served with bread and cottage cheese.


I’ve used:
1 kilogram of black chokeberries
ca. 0,5 kilogram of sugar
1 glass of fresh pressed apple juice

First, I’ve washed the berries, prepared the fresh pressed apple juice, made the syrup by boiling the juice with sugar, until sugar dissolved. Then I’ve dropped the berries into the boiling syrup and allowed them to cook for about 15 minutes. I have let the jam cool and then again cooked it for ca. 10-15 minutes. I have repeated the last step several times until the consistence of jam was just right. Last step – putting the hot jam into sterilized jars and letting them cool upside down.

Ready! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s breakfast!

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