Just a little bit of space

I’m working on the last touch for the documentary, with the working title “Musics”, that I shot with Paco of Lookycreative earlier this year.

Our documentary captures the creative process of making the music – beginning with the sources of inspirations, through the explosion of creativity while recording in the studio, until the first live performance. The main character in the documentary is Michał Zygmunt – a very ambitious musician, working on his newest album “Muzyki” (Musics) inspired by the Polish folk music.

Since we have shot mainly indoors, it was necessary to give the film a little bit of space. So we have used the advantage of the Polish summer and took Michał and his guitar to the countryside. It’s now when I can really appreciate those shots and see how much fresh air they have brought into the film.

If you would like to listen to some tracks from the album, choose the audio files No. 2-4 on Michał Zygmunt’s website. You can also buy the album online.

You can also watch two music videos prepared for this project: “Musics”, Live at Saraswati, “Na Kujawach pięknie grają” and the documentary Teaser. Enjoy! I hope you will like it.

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