The Food Story Part 4 | Mango & Banana Marmalade

The short visual story about experimenting with fruits continued. The mango & banana marmalade sounded like a good idea. Just had to find out how it tastes.


I’ve used:
1 mango
3 bananas
fresh pressed lemon juice made out of 1 lemon
ca. 0,10 kilogram of sugar (just a few spoons, depending on how sweet it should be)

This is once again a marmalade that is very easy to make. I’ve put the diced bananas and mango into the pot and added the sugar and lemon juice. After heating the pot just a little bit, the sugar dissolved making a sweet syrup. I have let the marmalade cool and then again heated it again (without boiling). Then, I have put the hot marmalade into sterilized jars and let them cool upside down.

Oh yes, this is a worth trying experiment. Delicious!

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