Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz

After the Camerimage 2011 Film Festival

The Camerimage festival meant a week out of this world: watching carefully selected cinema masterpieces and having inspiring conversations with amazing filmmakers accompanied by delicious food served at Warzelnia Piwa in Bydgoszcz.

Some of my favorite moments include:

- Watching Doctors – a documentary by Tomasz Wolski (the Polish title: Lekarze) – right at the first day of the festival in a morning and after that not being able to concentrate on anything else. An absolutely perception-changing document. Doctors won the Golden Frog for the feature length documentary. Watch the Doctors trailer (Polish only).

- Watching Argentinian Lesson – a short documentary by Wojciech Staroń. An absolutely amazing and visually beautiful documentary that feels like a fiction film. Argentinial Lesson received the Jury’s Special Mention.

- Attending Albert Maysles master class being a time travel with the pioneer and master of a documentary filmmaking. A filmmaking history in a reach of your hand. My favorite quote from this session was:

An inner need for disclosure lays in human nature.

This is why documentary filmmaking is possible at all.

- Having a talented German filmmaker Markus Haaser as a guide for selecting the films from the festival’s program and a company for discussing and celebrating. Markus’ short documentary 24HH which captures life of Hamburg was selected for this year’s competition.

It was also very exciting to watch our Muzyki (Musics) documentary on a big screen for the first time. Our film was shown as a part of the ‘Image of music’ special screenings program.

How do you tell the festival is over? People start eating popcorn during screenings…

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