Gran Canaria – a sneak preview

Preparing some photos from our newest adventure on Gran Canaria and can’t believe it has been a week since we got back. Warmest thanks to Damian for coming up with the idea, inviting us, guiding us and giving the best tips for what to see and eat, so that we were able to experience the island at its best.

Not only Gran Canaria was unforgettable in terms of visual experiences but also the food served there tasted most delicious. Bringing home some Gofio allows us to prepare a few typical Canary Islands dishes. More details soon!

If you would like to feel the atmosphere of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, check out a beautiful visual poem Dreams come true directed by Damián Perea with Paco’s photography.



  1. Really nice photos. Looks like you had some photogenic mist up in the Cumbres!

    • aga (Author)

      Oh yes, we had so much luck! Would love to come back there for some more shooting!

  2. Pictures are beautiful!
    Gran Canaria seems to be great too!

    • aga (Author)

      Thank you, Maxime! It’s a great place to visit and experience. I also loved the local food – check out a recent post about Canarian mousse de gofio http://agagonczarek.com/index.php/2012/02/mousse-de-gofio/ to make sure that you won’t miss it while visiting the island :)

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