The Food Story Part 5 | Mousse de Gofio

I’ve discovered this dessert on Gran Canaria earlier this year and fell in love with it from the first sight. This is a typical Canarian dessert called Mousse de gofio. On our trip back me and Paco bought some Gofio for making some typical Canarian dishes. This is how we’ve prepared the mousse at home.

Paco used:
3 yolks
150 ml of sweet condensed milk
250 ml of cream
gofio (as much as needed to make a dessert thick)
some coffee and almond flakes for decorating

We’ve blended the yolks in a bowl and then added the condensed milk and blended it again. In the other bowl we have blended cream. After that we have mixed the contents of both bowls. Then we’ve blended it with gofio. We’ve added as much gofio as needed to receive the right thickness, similar to a pudding. After putting the mousse into cups we’ve decorated it with some coffee and almond flakes and stored it in a fridge.

It’s delicious! After tasting it you wouldn’t forget it. Our neighbours keep asking us to make mousse de gofio again.


  1. Have you tried Polvitos Uguguayos?

    • aga (Author)

      No, unfortunately not. Is it your recommendation for the next visit?

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