The Food Story Part 7 | Omelette with Gofio and Mousse de Gofio

It’s about time to combine my all favorite breakfast omelette with our latest discovery from Gran Canaria: mousse de gofio. You may even try to use some gofio for the omelette prepartion. Paco and I have tried this out lately. Enjoy the visual story of how this delicious experiment worked out.

We used:
3 eggs
2 spoons of sugar
bit of cinnamon
bit of salt
4 spoons of gofio
for decorating:
home-made mousse de gofio – check out the recipe posted earlier
home-made raspberry jam – check out the recipe posted earlier

This is how we proceeded: We separated the yolks from egg white and blended the yolks in a bowl together with 2 spoons of sugar and a bit of cinnamon. Then we added 4 spoons of gofio and blended the contents again. After having blended the egg white in a separate bowl (remember to add a bit of salt for better result) we mixed the contents of both bowls. The teflon frying pan we use for making omelettes must be nicely heated (in this case we don’t use any oil on frying pan). Next step is pouring the mixture into the pan and covering it with the lid. After a few minutes – when the bottom of our omelette is cooked – it’s about time to fold the omelette over, cover the pan with a plate (it’s a trick to make a plate warm) and cook through. We always serve our omelettes warm on warm plates.

As you see on pictures, we decorated the omelette with home-made mousse de gofio and put some home-made raspberry jam on top. Now, I’m really curious what our Canarian friend would say about this gofio-focused experiment.

Well, how about buying some gofio and trying this out?

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