The Food Story Part 6 | Truffles

The inspiration for making this eye pleasuring dessert came from Kuchnia Marche. After having discovered how soft and subtle the truffles are – I would rather not compare them with sweets available in grossery stores – it was about time to prepare truffles at home for the first time. Here is the visual truffles story.

Paco at work

We used:
160 gram of cocoa
200 ml of cream (30%)
50 gram of butter
a glass of milk
2 yolks
100 gram of cane sugar
a bit of whisky
30 ml of espresso

First, we whipped the cream.  Then, heated up the butter with milk, added the yolks into the pot, blended it together and added cacao and cane sugar. After a while of blending we also added the whipped cream prepared earlier, a bit of whiskey and espresso. Blending took some time and we received a homogeneous, very dark substance. Next step was forming small portions – we used a cream presser for that – and putting them into a frige for about 30 min. After that we were able to form small balls by hand and rotate them in the layer of cocoa powder. And so we made cocoa dusted truffles.

I’m very surprised how easy it is to make the truffles. Together with hot coffee they make a great couple! As for the taste – ask Paco.


  1. Whiskey, cocoa and creme…yum too bad it’s breakfast time here in the states…as usual this looks/sounds very tasty

    Thanks…my wife will love this…Ric

    • aga (Author)

      Thanks Ric! Just wait a few hours for a coffee and truffles time! Worth trying!

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