Falling in… Copenhagen

November in Copenhagen. I had no idea what to expect and everything I saw there just stole my heart. I’m wondering whether the pictures do transfer some of the look and feel of the city. Let’s give it a try.

This looked like a daily routine – a lunch for the winged friends.

A rush hour, but a lazy one. The picture was taken in the center of Copenhagen and I will not even try to compare this view with traffic jams I already got used to.

Shortly after the sunset the park looked a bit unreal, presenting a very intriguing contrast between naked branches and gray sky, between the straight cut trees and those growing without any interference.

A message from the locals: – It’s a small city. The easiest way to move around is by bicycle. – Indeed, bicycles were literally everywhere.

A faithful companion waiting outside.

Although the main pedestrian streets were crowded, people seemed to be rather relaxed. The long exposure set for this picture caused them all to disappear, showing only the guy sitting in a foreground. Therefore, the photo somehow matches the overall calm and quite atmosphere of the place.

There are probably more bicycles than people…

Even the police uses them on a daily basis.

The circulatory system under the city – a bit wound-like result when you watch the platforms from a street level. Motion in all directions is definitely eye-catching.

Walking through the city, you get exposed to world class design. Be it small design objects or architecture. The example above is an elevation of an over 200 years old building close to the harbor that was redesigned to meet the needs of a modern hotel.

All the food, I had a pleasure to eat, appealed to my taste. Bread tasted as good as it looked like. Variety of fish dishes were always served with fresh herbs. A lot of herbs.

This city definitely deserves to be visited.

I you are still hungry for pictures from Copenhagen, check out the photos posted for the Dailycious project: http://agagonczarek.tumblr.com/tagged/Copenhagen and if you would like to subscribe the my feed, you’re very welcome to.

I would be very thankful if you could recommend your favorite places in Copenhagen, for my next visit. I have to come back.

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