2012 The Flashback

 Collect moments and experiences, not things.

Taking a look at last year’s photos to find out what my 2012 collection consists of.

January. Gran Canaria.

Surrounded by innumerable tastes and smells, experienced a lot of cooking and food tasting with a dear host, Damián.

So we mainly ate…

…and rested…

…and timelapsed, of course.

The island smiled.

It wasn’t easy to go back home. In fact, it was a painful comeback…

…and a bit furry.

Vanishing into work black-hole… and first motion capture tests.

February. Trying to recall some delicious and warm memories from the island by making a good use of the ingredients taken home. Cooking was the right tool for warming up. Mousse de gofio, truffles, omelets – you name it!

After Paco’s birthday winter gave up a bit.

March. Kraków and a lot of good music…

…astronomy, animals and last time I saw Umoki aka Lucy.

Fire in the sky and fire at reach of hand.

April. Even more astronomy and surprises.

May. The beautiful Gran Canaria and the Animayo Festival.

After hours fun and sightseeing.

And afterwards, shooting for Atis Tirma. With some unexpected company…

Experiencing location scouting problems…

…and watching nature showing off.

Hey, did I mention food?

It wouldn’t be fair to end the month of May without some home made Mojo.

June. The city of love…

…the authentic Crème brûlée and tons of cheese for taking home (long live hermetic packaging!).

Enjoying food trophy…

…and a giant almond cake of Tejeda from Roger (the best possible reason for luggage overweight).

Back at the chapel.

Impressed by Wrocław sunsets. I promise not to underestimate my city.

Nature showing off again.

July. Started with an empty bottle of Canarian Hojiblanca. Fruit season started as well.

Beautiful summer storms with silent happy endings.

August. Home made frozen yogurt but let’s call it ice cream.

Heat, sun and shadow.

Motion capture for the Rebirth. Luckily, with Irena the dancer.

Light dishes.

Preparing for winter…

…accompanied by cats…

…sundogs, extrodinary sunsets…

…and a Blue Moon.

September. Putting summer into jars and enjoying it raw.

Catching every single ray of light…

…before rain comes…

…followed by spectacular sunsets.

Getting quiet.

October. Discovering Budapest.

Stargazing in the mountains.

Colors get colder and so does weather.

Indecent breakfasts are back.

Lectures on movies started at Nowe Horyzonty.

November. Moisture and fog.

Long evenings at the cinema.

Falling in love with Copenhagen.

December. The particle heaven.

Cold and snow…

…but quite warm in the studio.

And for a good ending, Chica Moments 2012.

Will the memories on 2012 turn into fractured moments captured on these photographs?

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