The Food Story Part 10 | Ginger Water

It’s time to introduce my latest discovery. As Paco insists on me drinking more water during a […]

The Food Story Part 9 | Blueberry & Banana Coctail

This is probably the easiest way to celebrate Sunday. A fruity and extremely healthy cocktail made by […]

The Food Story Part 8 | Mojo Rojo

This is the all time famous Mojo Rojo made by Paco – especially for our friend Alina. […]

The Food Story Part 7 | Omelette with Gofio and Mousse de Gofio

It’s about time to combine my all favorite breakfast omelette with our latest discovery from Gran Canaria: […]

The Food Story Part 6 | Truffles

The inspiration for making this eye pleasuring dessert came from Kuchnia Marche. After having discovered how soft […]

The Food Story Part 5 | Mousse de Gofio

I’ve discovered this dessert on Gran Canaria earlier this year and fell in love with it from […]

The Food Story Part 4 | Mango & Banana Marmalade

The short visual story about experimenting with fruits continued. The mango & banana marmalade sounded like a […]

Black or white

Enjoy the short visual story about a Paco’s new experimental version of my all time favorite omelet. […]

The Food Story Part 3 | Raspberry Jam

The short visual story about taste continued. The autumn is already in the air, so raspberry jam […]

The Food Story Part 2 | Black Chokeberry Jam

The short visual story about having fun in a kitchen continued. This time the side effect was […]